World Creator Premium Training

Saturday July 27 @ 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm BST

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Saturday July 27
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
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Unlimited available
Webinar entry details to World Creator Premium Training (July 2019)$55.00 $45.00Webinar entry details to World CreaWebinar entry details to World Creator Premium Training (July 2019)tor Premium Training (July 2019). Includes HD recording and any class materials the presenter may include.


Training by Stefan Kraus – the software author

Can’t make the live session? Webinar recordings included

Register today and we’ll include over 4 hours of bonus WC tutorials!

What is World Creator and Who is it for?

A terrain generator with a whole set of creative tools that can be used with real time editing. This newest edition of World-Creator allows GPU processing for the procedural terrains. It’s a very fast and fun way to build worlds! Content can be added to landscapes including textures, flowers, bushes, trees, rocks and stones.

The height-maps, masks, blend-maps and splat-maps can be imported into applications such as Unreal, Unity, VUE, Terragen, ZBrush and Cinema 4D.

World Creator is for…

  • Game Designers (Unity and Unreal)
  • Artists
  • Illustrators

Premium Training

Training in this session includes:-

  • Create a gaming map from start to finish
  • Step by step case studies
  • Using World Creator in combination with other applications: Unity, Unreal, Cinema 4D and Octane
  • The symmetry option – great for creating maps for Starcraft / Warcraft games.
  • Digging deep into flow maps and erosion maps
  • Complete training on the simulation mode
  • Terrain transfer to Cinema 4d and Octane


See World Creator 2.2 in Action!

  • Discover real-time performance as worlds are created before you.
  • Demonstration of complete terrain control with the custom shape tool.
  • Seamless Tileable terrain – create infinite horizons.
  • See realistic rendering with PBR and global illumination.
  • Apply powerful transform filters to create canyons, deserts and more!
  • See additional realism with applying erosion.
  • Powerful texturing features.
  • Overview of populating your terrain with trees and plants.

New features in 2.2 we’ll touch on during training…

  • Utilising the new Media Library– importing custom textures, objects and more
  • How to place objects by hand onto the landscape
  • Discover the new powerful Erosion/Sediment systems
  • Introducing the new real-time flow-map generator used for single textures and colours during runtime
  • The Live Filter Preview for easy filter selection
  • Improvements for managing, saving and sharing projects
  • The awesome new Height-Map filter
  • User interface layout changes : Enviro and Render tabs