Motion Graphics : Easy Animation Production

Sunday April 28 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm BST

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Sunday April 28
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Unlimited available
Webinar entry to Motion Graphics$49.00Webinar entry to Motion Graphics includes HD recording.

Enhancing Visual Narratives with Animation!

Have you ever wished to advance your stories with using animation but were put off by the time and resources required?

Peter von Stackeberg provides you with a valuable suite of techniques using Motion Graphics where you just need a fraction of the time and effort to produce an animated story.

This is a class showing you a great set of “shortcuts” to producing animation effects for your characters and visual narratives.

Use this on-line folder to see a set of examples (animated GIF files) that Peter will be covering in the class.

  • Blackhawk helicopter
  • Drone in foul weather
  • Sniper scope
Drone patrol in foul weather

*Webinar Content


    • The two extremes of motion design
    • The rhythm of storytelling

Basic Photoshop Animation

    • Use of the timeline
    • Concept of keyframes
    • Timelines and similarities across apps

Animation principles


    • Photoshop
    • Particleshop
    • Motion Artist
    • Madefire

Key Motion Graphic Effects

    • Smoke/fog
    • Rain
    • Snow
    • Muzzle flashes
    • Transitions (props)
    • Transitions (expressions)
    • Fires (candles)
    • Camera motions
    • Other effects (tba)

Motion Graphics Workflow

*Extra details and content to be confirmed

About the presenter : Peter von Stackelberg


“Whether it’s with words or images, I love to tell stories. I’ve been a storyteller as far back as I can remember — well before I made journalism my first career.

I studied journalism at Ryerson University (long before it was known as a university) and spent a number of years as an investigative journalist and news photographer. With the emergence of the web in the 1990s, I worked as a web designer, e-commerce developer, and IT project manager. In the early 2000s, I was a professional futurist doing technology forecasting and working as a technology strategist. I also began teaching college classes in strategic management, managing technology and innovation, project management, business communications, systems thinking, and other courses.

Through all of these jobs writing and visual communication remained a core part of the work I did.

I have a B.A. in Journalism from Ryerson University, an M.S. in Studies of the Future from the University of Houston-Clear Lake, and an M.S. in Information Design & Technology from SUNY IT (State University of New York Institute of Technology).