New World Creator 2.2 : Webinar Workshops

Saturday May 11 @ 8:00 pm - Sunday May 12 @ 9:30 pm BST

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Saturday May 11 @ 8:00 pm
Sunday May 12 @ 9:30 pm
Free – $55
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What is World Creator?

A terrain generator with a whole set of creative tools that can be used with real time editing. This new edition of World-Creator allows GPU processing for the procedural terrains. It’s a very fast and fun way to build worlds! Content can be added to landscapes including textures, flowers, bushes, trees, rocks and stones.

The height-maps, masks, blend-maps and splat-maps can easily be imported into applications such as Unreal, Unity, VUE, Terragen, ZBrush and Cinema 4D.

Who is World Creator for?

  • Game Designers (Unity and Unreal)
  • Artists
  • Illustrators

What’s new for these workshops?

World Creator 2.2 (also now available for the Mac) has been released with a host of new features and changes. Stefan Kraus, the author of World Creator will be demonstrating the key new features of WC 2.2 in session 1 and going deeper with case studies and more professional features in session 2.

See World Creator 2.2 in Action!

  • Discover real-time performance as worlds are created before you.
  • Demonstration of complete terrain control with the custom shape tool.
  • Seamless Tileable terrain – create infinite horizons.
  • See realistic rendering with PBR and global illumination.
  • Apply powerful transform filters to create canyons, deserts and more!
  • See additional realism with applying erosion.
  • Powerful texturing features.
  • Overview of populating your terrain with trees and plants.

Session 1 : Free Overview

Date : Saturday 11th May

Time: 20:00 BST (London)/ 15:00 EDT (New York) /12:00 PDT (Los Angeles)

Duration : 1 hour+ FREE webinar

Discover some of the most powerful features of the NEW World Creator 2.2

Opportunity for discount on the standard/professional world-creator licenses when you attend this webinar

Watch Stefan Kraus create landscapes from scratch demonstrating key features.

New features in 2.2 demonstrated…

  • How to update to version 2.2
  • Utilising the new Media Library– importing custom textures, objects and more
  • How to place objects by hand onto the landscape
  • Discover the new powerful Erosion/Sediment systems
  • Introducing the new real-time flow-map generator used for single textures and colours during runtime
  • The Live Filter Preview for easy filter selection
  • Improvements for managing, saving and sharing projects
  • The awesome new Height-Map filter
  • User interface layout changes : Enviro and Render tabs

Session 2 : Premium Training for World Creator 2

Date : Sunday 12th May

Time: 20:00 BST (London)/ 15:00 EDT (New York) /12:00 PDT (Los Angeles)

Duration : 1.5 hours

Opportunity for larger discounts on the standard/professional world-creator licenses when you attend this webinar


  • Learn how to overcome the most common design and work-flow problems when creating your terrains and landscapes.
  • See the premium features of World Creator 2.2 in action
  • Delving deeper into the new 2.2 features
  • Step by step case study 1 : Realistic desert scene – demonstrating erosion
  • Step by step case study 2 : Lush Landscape populated with vegetation and trees – demonstrating mass object placement
  • The Flow Map System
  • The Erosion System (included Directed Erosion)
  • Importing custom objects

If time we’ll also show…

The Curve Editor

  • How to have full control over the terrain elevation values
  • Govern the distribution of valleys and mountains, providing extra realism

Design Filters

  • Use of the paths and shapes tool
  • Learn how to create roads, rivers and more!

Fine Terrain Editing

  • See how to use powerful brushes and tools to edit the terrain

Effects Filters

  • Demonstration of special effects filters
  • Distort and Swirl

Terrain Stamping

  • Importing height maps
  • How to stamp height maps to create terrain

Wind Filter

  • Introduce the effects of wind
  • Demo of wind effects on terrain surface, texturing and vegetation.

Image Overlays

  • A tool providing extra assistance for designing your terrain.


  • We’ll share the the two case studies as project files as part of your registration package