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Midjourney Community Workshop : Consistent Character Generation

Have you wondered if you could create a complete visual narrative just by using Midjourney for creating the artwork? With the latest version 4 of Midjourney and armed with a certain set of techniques to overcome some nitty gritty hurdles, it's very possible to now…

Free – $257.00

Modeling in Blender : Winter Wonderland

The Lamp Post, The Wonderland and the Wardrobe Learning to build 3D scenes in Blender can be extremely rewarding. There are a whole series of time saving tools that can speed up modeling, texturing, terrain creation and rapid placement of content into the scene. Best…

Free – $257.00

Character Design : Villains : Community Workshop

In this community workshop, we're going to look at Halloween and villain styled characters. There's a lot to learn from breaking down those visual elements that we would subconsciously add up to recognise a classic ghoulish or villainous character. From the examples in the event…

Free – $157.00