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SHADERS : A DAZ Studio Community Workshop on Skin

Render by AS-Dimension-Z (Anestis Skitzis). Interviewed in Issue 38 of Digital Art Live Magazine. Skin shaders can really enhance a character and provide a stunning look. But what happens when you need to swap a skin texture to another character? What are the best resources…

Free – $25

World Creator 2021 : Latest Alpha with A.I. and Real World Map Browser

World Creator 2021 : Power and Productivity The latest version of World Creator has been built from the ground up, offering familiarity and compatibility with World Creator 2, but with powerful new features and performance improvements. Can you imagine creating terrains in real time 2.5…

Free – $45

Textures Universe

Generating your own textures puts you in pole position to demonstrate unique artwork for your renders. It allows you to repurpose older content in your scenes, providing your assets with a fresh look each time. In this webinar, Fain reveals essential tips on building and…

Free – $45

Creative Posing : Making it Your Own

In this community workshop, we're looking at posing your DAZ Studio characters. How do you really make poses "your own" to get the body language and dynamic you need when posing your character? We invite you to bring along and share your artwork where you've…

Free – $25

In Science Fiction We Dream

From the start of the science fiction genre, the writing has been entwined with the artwork that sought to stimulate the imagination. Some of our greatest science fiction authors have certainly been influenced by the art that grew up alongside the literary tradition. In reference…

Free – $29

VUE Solutions Workshop

Poster Artwork "Sunny Above" by Artur Rosa In this community workshop, we’re pooling together the collective experience and talent of VUE artists in one room, providing you with potential short cuts, high value tips, faster workflows AND the opportunity to share your artwork. We would…

Free – $107