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Content Creation for DAZ Studio

Includes tips and tricks for G9 content

“How can I learn a solid workflow for creating clothing content for DAZ Studio?”

DAZ Studio continues to evolve and the latest Genesis 9 figure has a new set of advantages, but as a result content creators need an update on how to produce clothing for G9 figures.

We’ve also recognised that many artists want to learn how to modify clothing, getting complete control over the final look and feel of their character scenes.

Of course rigging is a tricky aspect of content creation and we’ve often had feedback from artists about their frustration with the hurdles that can be experienced with that process.

Gaining a holistic road map on rigging can be hard to obtain, because the many actions involved can be scattered across dozens of tutorials. There’s a number of subtle steps that aren’t always included.

With these challenges in mind, we’ve put together a new course for DAZ Studio content creators, both with the beginner in mind as well as more advanced artists.

Esha who is a top published artist at the DAZ 3D store will be coaching a group of artists beginning Sunday the 12th of February.

In our live courses, we always work as a group, giving you connection to other artists who have similar goals and values to you…to have a place to turn for camaraderie, feedback, support, and recognition for your progress.

This course is specifically for :-

This course is to help you reach your next creative stage so that you can have a bigger impact and generate more influence from your creative content.

We’ll provide a consistent and safe place for you to get support, feedback, accountability, camaraderie and new perspectives from people you can trust who have similar creative aspirations to you.

It’s a place to benefit from the expertise of the lead artist in this group, Sabine Hajostek (Esha) who has created over 360 products for the DAZ store. See her store products HERE

What do you need for this Course?


Proven Experience

Paul Bussey : Content Library and Forum Facilitator

I have been inspiring, promoting, educating and connecting digital artists since 2010. I’ve published over 110 issues of our magazines 3D Art Direct, Digital Art Live and VISNews, with in-depth interviews of fantastic artists that inspire others with their work. I’ve hosted and organised over 300 live webinars to connect and educate digital artists, with many events having a focus on 3D figure based software such as DAZ Studio or Poser.

Paul Bussey

Esha : Lead Teacher

Esha lives in Austria and has been creating 3D products for nearly 14 years!

In the past she has created content for Smith Micro and now for DAZ 3D, being a lead active vendor at

When DAZ released the Developer Tools for DAZ Studio in 2008 she integrated them into her workflow and has been working with Daz Studio, alongside Poser, ever since. In recent years she has been focusing on DS for product development.

Esha’s favourite tools include DAZ Studio, Poser, ZBrush, Wings3D, Xfrog, Marvelous Designer, UVLayout and Photoshop. In all of these she is a self-taught artist, basing her skills on years of experience and numerous online tutorials.

Esha also has several years of experience in teaching adults. She firmly believes that the best way to learn is to actively do something yourself, so she favours a hands-on approach in teaching.

Knowing only too well how tiresome it is to gather scraps of information all over the web she wants to provide comprehensive content that really offers solid information. Moving from the basics to advanced procedures she takes care to make sure that her audience will be able to follow her courses smoothly.

In her spare time Esha loves listening to classical music, baking muffins and collecting cat photos.

Esha : Presenter for the DS Rigging Videos

Dates and Duration

The Curriculum

Through the course we’ll be designing a complete clothing set : Pants (without thickness), tunic (with thickness), heeled boots and sash. 

The Foundation : How Does a Rigged Figure Work?

The Mesh

Rigging a Conformer

Adding Morphs

Adding dForce Support

Rigging Heeled Shoes

Miscellaneous Topics

VIP Content

VIP : Advanced Rigging

VIP :  Rigging Stand-alone Items

VIP : Miscellaneous Topics

Here’s How it Works

A Creatives Coaching Group

We’ll put together a dedicated and creative set of people for you to grow with.

8 weeks of Support and Training

The group will commence early February and run on Sundays at 16:00 GMT (London).

Each week we’ll have a Zoom webinar meeting (up to 1.5 hours) composed of training , coaching and follow up.

Each session will last for 1.5 hours

The topics of these training sessions will be on the curriculum above, but we’ll pay special attention to coaching you through your own sticking points

Private online group area to interact between Zoom calls

Any time you need some input or encouragement, you can turn to the private forum (inside the Digital Art Live STUDIO forum) on a daily basis to connect with other group members.

We’ve found that the private group work area is a powerful connecting tool to keep the conversation going between the weekly meetings.

VIP Add-On

If you would like additional resources, there’s a VIP add-on option that gives you the following in addition to everything above:-

DAZ Studio Content Creation
$187/ month
7 weeks of 2 hour coaching/training sessions by Esha
Weekly assignments to consolidate learning
Private forum for daily connection and learning
Clothing meshes included for learning content
2 monthly payments of $187
DAZ Studio Content Creation (VIP)
$267/ month
10 weeks of 2 hour coaching/training sessions by Esha
Weekly assignments to consolidate learning
Private forum for daily connection and learning
Creating and rigging earrings
Clothing meshes included for learning content
Bonus content pack : dForce Capsule Wardrobe 01 for G9
Bonus content pack : February jewellery set
2 monthly payments of $267