“I just feel a sense of overwhelm when trying to get composition right for my rendered scenes. There are just too many choices for the camera, characters, props, lighting and setting out all the elements. It’s frustrating to pin down good composition to create appealing artwork.”

Viewing badly composed artwork is like walking into a home that is a complete mess; it provides an instant feeling of distraction.  You can’t relax, there is clutter everywhere – your mind is overloaded with excessive stimuli. The disorder inhibits your thinking –  even creativity. You would feel like exiting the room and making an excuse to leave early.

In some ways, digital artists have the advantage of control in their virtual environments and sets. Everything can be precisely arranged, lit and the camera placed where you want. But like a giant supermarket with over 200 types of cereals in isle 12, you end up feeling indecisive in making choices. As you tweak multiple items in your 3D scene at once (and at random) the whole project feels like a mess. It’s much easier to have a plan with some guidelines (or a shopping a list) first before you begin.

Now imagine walking into a clean and bright room.

It instantly looks and feels minimalistic. There is balance and harmony here. The furniture is arranged just so.  You understand the function of each part of the room easily. You feel welcome and you’d very much like to stay.


It’s the same with your artwork. Our goal as artists is to have our renders viewed for as long as possible. You would love people to appreciate your art by connecting properly with the hard work that you’ve put into it. They can see the main subjects of your art clearly, there is a feeling of flow – their eyes are led around the image giving them time to consider each element. Your art is clear, easily understood and valued.

Composition is crucial and even more so for the digital art medium. How many artists do you follow where you spend a long time looking at their renders? There are probably only a handful. It takes a certain discipline and a professional approach to be in that subset of artists.

What if you were exposed to a whole set of fresh guidelines for composition that you hadn’t heard of before? It would be going far beyond that rule of thirds!

What if you were able to get a deep understanding of arranging the elements in your scene, so that there was a clear focus on what should be noticed first, second and third?

What if every piece of artwork you created had a clear story to tell, just in that one image?

How about striving together in a group of artists with a mission to explore and conquer composition?

Imagine getting daily support and feedback in a trusted environment, with artists just like you.

That’s why we’ve created this coaching course “DEEP Composition”, now updated with new artwork.

This coaching group is specifically for :-

1) Environment (eg VUE, Terragen) or character based artists (eg DAZ Studio, Poser) that need clarity on their approach to composition.

2) Digital artists that would benefit from working in a small group to work on challenges, experience camaraderie and feedback.

3) Artists that would benefit from a large suite of fresh ideas for composition

This group is to help you reach your higher creative level, so that you can have a bigger impact and generate more influence from your artwork.

This is a trusted and safe place for you to get support, feedback, accountability, camaraderie and new perspectives from people you can trust who have similar creative aspirations to you.

We promise to support you in every way we can by sharing knowledge, techniques, resources and mindsets to realise your creative goals.

Proven Experience

I have been inspiring, promoting, educating and connecting digital artists since 2010. I’ve published over 125 issues of our magazines 3D Art Direct, Digital Art Live and VISNews, with in-depth interviews of fantastic artists that inspire others with their work.

As a result of publishing these magazines I have selected and curated hundreds of artworks that are suitable for promotion, which includes checking that the art has good composition!

I’ve hosted and organised over 200 live events to educate digital artists. Our webinars provide an interactive, informative and fun experience for our community.

Paul Bussey : Group Host and Facilitator

Here’s what some of our students say about our coaching programs:-

“The DAZ Studio Mastery Group run by Paul and Drew is a great experience. The group is dynamic and interactive. The content is vast and covers a diverse area of the program. I learned a lot in a few short weeks. I have greatly enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend it for any artist who wishes to take their art to the next level or learn more about DAZ. The experience and knowledge I have gained from this group has improved my workflow and techniques. I learned things I didn’t even know existed in DAZ. Paul runs high quality groups worth every penny!” 

Jessica Beaubien

“I am finding the classes thoroughly fun and engaging, even though I was sure the first couple weeks I was a dreadful noob with nothing useful at all to offer. I love that  you are able to uplift everyone’s work and offer encouragement and instil a sense of pride in what each of us has accomplished.”

Karen Williams

Areas of Artistic Growth

With 8 weeks of learning, we’ll look at the following:-

  • Composition foundation module : what makes good composition?
  • Compositions Concepts  module 1 : Planning, stories and mindsets
  • Compositions Concepts  module 2 : The virtual camera and frame
  • Compositions Concepts  module 3 : Fore/mid/background and the elements.
  • We’ll go wide and deep on 50 different composition techniques
  • Composition with characters
  • Throughout the course we’ll study the portfolio of VUE artist Artur Rosa, an outstanding artist who is highly respected on his use of composition
  • We’ll look at three vital mindsets when planning your artwork in the first place

Here’s How it Works

A Carefully Selected Coaching Group

I review applications before artists are given an offer to join the group so you can rest assured that this will be a dedicated and creative set of people for you to grow with.

8 weeks of Support and Training

The group will run from Saturday the 8th of January at 19:00 GMT (London) on each Saturday to the end of February.

Each week we’ll have a Zoom webinar meeting (up to 1.5 hours) composed of training , coaching and follow up.

Classes will begin at 16:00 CET and last for 1.5 hour

The topics of these training sessions will be based on the above, but we’ll pay special attention to coaching you through your sticking points

This is where everyone will share wins, goals, and challenges to get support, accountability, and feedback from the group and guidance from us.
You’ll have opportunities to get a focus just on you and have Drew and I as well as the rest of the group look over one of your goal or challenges to help help you leap forward in your creativity.

Private online group area to interact between Zoom calls

Any time you need some input or encouragement, you can turn to the private group on a daily basis to connect with other group members.

We’ve found that the private group work area is a powerful connecting tool to keep the conversation going between the weekly meetings.

This extends the benefits of the coaching group beyond the mastermind and workshop calls.

VIP Add-On

If you would like additional resources, there’s a VIP add-on option that gives you the following in addition to everything above:-

  • A composition PDF guide (updated each week) reflecting the 8 week presentation notes and slides.
  • PDF Composition workflow – a flowchart checklist
  • Two additional video tutorials (4 hours) on composition by Drew Spence and Peter von Stackelberg.

*All artwork on this page created by Arthur Rosa.

DEEP Composition Group (standard)
8 weeks of 1.5 hour coaching/training sessions
Searchable / captioned HD class recordings
Private group and chat to connect each day
2 monthly payments of $157
DEEP Composition (VIP)
All the benefits of standard membership
Composition PDF guide class notes
PDF Composition Workflow Checklist
4 hour pack of additional tutorials by 2 of our top artists
2 monthly payments of $197