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Your Creative Community to Learn and Grow as Digital Artists – Together

Inside Digital Art Live STUDIO, artists like you come together to bring to life their imagined characters, scenes and stories and learn how to create unique 3D content.

The Creative Journey : Don’t Go It Alone

Digital artists tend to flounder for three main reasons:-

  1. They are bogged down by the technical knowledge required to master digital art software.
  2. They lack clarity and a road map for transforming their imagination into art or content.
  3. Much of the time they struggle alone on 1) and 2) and become disheartened.

Artists battle these obstacles every day. It’s not always easy producing signature artwork or 3D content. These struggles can lead to unfocused action, wasted resources and feelings of overwhelm. No wonder why so many artists burn out far short of achieving their dreams.

How can you  transform into an artist that has confidence in mastering the technical software, that has a clear vision of their artistic journey and associates daily with positive, creative minds?


Introducing Digital Art Live STUDIO

At Digital Art Live we have served artists worldwide in over 250 live webinars and promoted artists every month in our digital art magazines. We’ve never had a structured private community…until now!

Our STUDIO is for growth-minded digital artists, that have a consistent dream about what they want to create, have already made efforts to do so (they have already gone beyond the basics) and are willing to work in a group motivated by a purpose.

The STUDIO is for serving two types of artists:-

  1. Artists who are aspiring to get their imagination transformed into outstanding artwork, that tells a story and then see their work published.
  2. Artists who are learning to model, rig and texture their own products, become 3D content creators that go on to sell their products and make an income.

In a nutshell the STUDIO mission is this:-

We bring together 3D digital artists who use affordable digital art software
to create unique 3D content and bring to life your imagined characters, scenes and stories as outstanding artwork.
so that we can learn step by step to create your art or 3D content, find your signature art styles, promote and publish your work, transform you into a 3D content vendor and get you recognised as a published artist.

Your Artistic Journey

Your artistic journey is unique, but can be benefited from these common experiences:-

We have worked hard in our coaching courses to provide these rich experiences above, but now want to grow that into a bigger ecosystem, where all our coaching courses and community will be in one place.

The STUDIO will avoid hype, distractions, tire-kickers and non-starters and will only be open to artists that are serious about learning and wanting to grow their confidence. It’s a place for creatives to stay sharp, make new discoveries, expand their networks and elevate their artistic potential.

Inside Digital Art Live STUDIO

There are six elements that will help you get results in the STUDIO


The STUDIO is designed to have more of a sense of PLACE and excitement about it than a normal forum. It is designed as if you were working at a film studio, with creative departments that lightly mirror those of a real studio. We wanted to avoid functional software-centred topics (Poser, DAZ Studio, VUE etc) and instead focus on the creative output. Since Digital Art Live is happy to work across the boundaries with any artists (and companies) that work with affordable 3D software, we wanted to reflect our core ethos here and avoid pigeon holing users according to their software.

The Single Render, Visual Narratives and Animation departments are for sharing your finished or in-development artwork. Location and sets will be used for creatives working on landscape and environment.

Lighting is a particular challenge for most artists – so we have a whole channel for sharing solutions and questions on that!

For those creating story-telling artwork, the Visual Narratives, Writer’s room and Character topics may be top of mind for these artists.

For those who are modelling and rigging, then the Wardrobe and Props department will have a focus on posts to do with these topics.

Postwork, equivalent to the post-production in movie making can be vital to polish and enhance your renders, so there’s a channel to bring up techniques and resources for that. It’s a great discussion area for sharing methods from Photoshop and GIMP.

Useful Resources such as plugins, 3rd party software, scripts or other tools can be posted in the Resource Warehouse.

The Marketing and Publishing Department is all about getting your art into the outside world; publishing and selling your creative wonders. It’s a good place to post any job opportunities you’ve heard about.

Members and Searchable Profiles

Search for member profiles that are akin to your interests. Find out which members live near you, Find out who is online and start a chat with them!


A forum needs another dynamic on top to connect us together properly. Our live webinars allow us to come together in real time, learn in real time, share our creations and listen to each other’s voices.

We have at least two community workshop webinars each month.

Coaching Groups

Small coaching groups that work together on a specialised topic have been very successful at Digital Art Live. The STUDIO will now incorporate these coaching groups inside it, as private sub forums. When you purchase entry into a coaching group, there will be a private chat area to connect exclusively with the coaching group members and trainers.

The STUDIO includes the ability to add in training course materials and you will be able to record your progress as you consume them, where tick boxes and a progress bar will be visible – giving you that sense of moving forward!

Coaching groups can be purchased separately and news on these are through our newsletter.

What Happens After you’ve Joined

Once you’ve joined, you’ll receive your private link to join the group so you can set up your profile and introduce yourself.

What coaching group members are saying

Working with Paul and Digital Art Live has given me such a fresh approach upon my art. From a friendly and welcoming environment, to a supporting and cohesive set of tutors and support. Going on the Studio Mastery Course was the biggest leap of faith I have taken with regards to artistic endeavours, and I do not regret a single moment of it. Paul is a wonderful host and lead for the courses and demonstrates the ability to nurture people of all skill levels and help them blossom into the creative delights that they wish to be. I would pick up another course like this in a heartbeat to continue my journey and growth through the creative landscape of my mind.

Ian Franklin


My experience with Esha and your program for learning rigging is beyond phenomenal. I came in with the impression that this was going to be a quick tutorial on how to setup basic technical settings on how to do a basic rig in DAZ Studio. Boy was I wrong! In a good way! Every time we set up a session, I am blown away by how much detail and problem solving Esha’s sessions go into! I would not have imagined the advanced techniques and attention to detail she brings into each session! I’ve heard a few students call this information priceless, and I agree 100%.

The chat rooms are so full of information! Just reading people’s questions and people’s responses, it’s an invaluable time saver! When I read the questions and their solutions it reminds me, “I would have had to go thru those hiccups myself, and there’s the solution!”. The chat room creates a great sense that you’re not alone, and it gives you a freedom to test things out and get into “trouble”.  I am more than satisfied with this course. It has surpassed my expectations and more! I highly, highly recommend this type of session to anyone!

David Aguilera


I can recommend the DAZ Studio Mastery Group to anyone who wants to learn or improve their skills with DAZ Studio. As beginner or more advanced user you will learn a lot. I have had DAZ Studio for a long time but never had enough time to learn the program as much as I wanted. It’s difficult to find tutorials on internet. In this course, Drew Spencer will go through a lot of products and some tips and tricks to help you create a good picture. He will teach you how to use several DAZ products which will help you in your scene. At the end of the course, I was much more familiar with DAZ Studio and it was much easier for me to use DAZ Studio after that to create a scene and render it.

Salomé Masseron


Taking the Daz Studio Rigging Masterclass was one of the best decisions ever. Presented by Esha, who has a wealth of knowledge and not shy to share with her audience. Rigging is a complicated process and I jumped at the opportunity to learn from someone, that is well-known and respected in the Industry. The course is presented in a way that is easy to understand, follow and learn. The private chat group offers opportunities to interact with other members. In my opinion, this course presented me with a better understanding of workflow, techniques and exceeded my expectations. Paul is professional, entertaining and course materials are delivered on-time. He understands the issues that users face and offers affordable solutions to improve their knowledge in a friendly environment.

Nelieta Van Der Merwe


The Rigging in Daz Studio series with Esha, Paul, and Tiffanie has been terrific. The weekly webinars are supplemented by an active community private chat group. It has been great to see how other class members have chosen projects, applied the rigging lessons, and overcome issues and problems. Trying to answer other people’s questions reinforces lessons. Getting answers from my peers reinforces teamwork. The pace of the class has been perfect – accelerating when the class understands quickly, and slowing down when there is confusion. The private chat community  is a great way to get feedback on individual projects. I look forward to similar series on additional topics. I give Esha and the rigging series my highest recommendation.

Ted Murphy

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