Esha (Sabine Hajostek) is one of the most popular and successful vendors at the DAZ 3D store. We’ve worked with her since 2016 to help artists around the world become content creators and bridge gaps in some of the more complex aspects of creating for (or with) DAZ Studio.

For the first time, recognising her clear, patient and precise teaching style we’ve put all of her tutorials into one giant searchable volume.

With this Hub facility, you’ll be able to search on any keyword or phrase spoken throughout the entire library of her teachings, giving you a powerful way to research and learn from Esha.

The original set of all of this content is worth over $1000 and that is without any search facility. We’re offering this library at a fraction of that price.

Here’s what the Hub Facility looks like when you use it:-

Here’s a sample of Esha’s teaching (saving out Shaders in DAZ Studio)


HUB Library Content

Rigging Tutorial Sets (worth over $500)

Two sets of tutorials with a focus on rigging clothing and props when creating DAZ Studio content.

Refined Rigging

Essential Solutions for Rigging Clothing

This tutorial has a particular focus on the more challenging issues found in rigging clothing. Presented by Esha, this provides almost two hours of step by step tuition on some vital solutions for the more awkward aspects of rigging. Originally presented as a live webinar, this HD quality recording also includes useful Q&A segments from the students.

The tutorial requires you to have some knowledge on how to use the transfer tool, the weight brush, the morph loader and Daz Studio’s general features.

Rigging Necklaces

Rigging is one of the more challenging steps of creating content. In this webinar we’re applying rigging to something very specific: necklaces.

We start with learning how to rig a base necklace and then moving onto more complex examples. Learn how to bring your designs to life with Esha’s thorough demonstration of the rigging process.

For this prop we consider MULTIPLE rigging methods.

It’s all done step by step, turning your fixed creations into animatable props.

In this masterclass we go through in detail:-

The tutorial set requires you to have some knowledge on how to use the transfer tool, the weight brush, the morph loader and Daz Studio’s general features. Daz Studio 4.9 Pro and modelling software ZBrush 4R7 are used in this presentation.

DAZ Studio Rigging

The 12 part course shows how to rig a prop (a treasure chest with a surprise) and a clothing outfit (a Lara Croft / Tomb Raider type clothing outfit).

Prop Rigging Topics

Rigging a Follower or Clothing outfit

Texturing Masterclass (worth $177)

Over 12 hours of instruction on how to texture 3d models using Substance Painter.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Session 8

DAZ Studio : Foundations and Essentials ($45)

If you are a familiar and seasoned user of Poser and are now starting to use Daz Studio, some of the functions, tools and methods you are used to can be a little tricky to pick up or find. These two video sessions give you a thorough grounding and essential key knowledge to help you become accustomed to the workspace and tools.

These two 1.5 hour sessions are also particularly for you if you have started to explore Daz Studio and want to get things right from the beginning. Get into good habits and set things up right now to save pain later down the line. Learn where important time saving functions are and learn an easier workflow from a presenter who’s had eight years of experiencewith creating content in Daz Studio.

REALISTIC LIGHTING : Character Portraits (Worth $55)

Create awesome portrait renders with real-world lighting techniques! Learn how professional photographers light their subjects and how to transfer their tricks to your Iray renders. Bring out the best of your characters and make your artwork stand out!

Esha will take you through 3 hours of tutorials for portrait lighting setups, specifically for Daz Studio and Iray. Included are a number of scene files (including a room prop that can be used for lighting) to help you experiment with the setups.

Light characteristics explained.
Light types used in photography : natural, flash, beauty dish and softbox
Recreating key light types in Daz Studio
Recreating real world lighting assets in Daz Studio
Four types of classic portrait lighting setups explained and examined
Butterfly/Glamour/Paramount lighting
Loop lighting
Rembrandt lighting
Split lighting
Case studies
Indoor and outdoor portraits
Testing and using different HDRI resources

REALISTIC LIGHTING : Indoor and Outdoor Lighting (Worth $55)

When we experience lighting in the “real world” it tends to just well—happen! Without much effort from us, the sun rises, we flick a switch, or we open the curtains and there we have it, light! We may put some thought into where we place a lamp, how we angle the blinds, or where we aim a torch, but much of the time our experience with light is generally a passive experience.

Things are different in the 3D graphics world, where we’re wanting to maximize a scene that we have carefully set up. It’s to optimise the elements of mood, a character’s expression, the textures and objects or certain areas in the scene.

With effective lighting you can make your 3D models really stand out!

There are a number of deep-rooted 3D lighting standards, and the type of scene usually determines which one is most appropriate.

Esha, a long standing published artist at DAZ will guide you through the lighting maze.

Learn how to light outdoor environments and indoor scenes. Master the Daz Studio Environment Render Modes and how to tweak them.

DAZ Studio Content Creation Mastery (Worth $199)

Ever wondered how to create content for Daz Studio, but just had no road map to do so? Where do you start? What’s your actual destination? How are you going to deal with the challenges along your way?

This presentation is a set of masterclasses for creating content for Daz Studio. It covers every aspect of content creation from start to finish and it goes in-depth with a veteran artist, Esha, who has been creating content for the past 12 years.

Esha is seeking to present those things that were eye-openers to herself when she was struggling to find the best workflow. Are you in a workflow rut that needs smoothing out? Then this webinar series may assist you in finding a more streamlined flow of effort.

Over 20 hours of tutorials including additional insights through Q&A from students.

Part 1 : Modelling Props

Part 2 : Modelling Clothing

Part 3 : Smart UV Mapping

Part 4 : Rigging and Morphing Props

Part 5 : Rigging and Morphing Props Part 2

Part 6 : Rigging and Morphing Clothes

Part 7 : Ultimate Texture Creation

Part 8 : Rendering Top Promos and Preparing Items for Sale


The Complete Guide to Iray Shaders (Worth $68.95)

Iray is a physically based renderer used in DAZ Studio and it calculates the behaviour of light in a way as close to reality as possible. In these tutorials Esha goes over a comprehensive guide you in creating Iray shaders from start to finish. It’s all about using the Iray uber shader to create realistic looking materials for your products or artwork.

Esha has used Iray since it’s release in Beta. She’ll take you through the whole process of shader creation and then go in depth with seven very useful case studies of different shader materials. She goes through in detail visual examples of the Iray shader properties, remarking on recommended settings and property combinations.

These recordings are taken from live webinars with the benefit of Q&A from students throughout.

39 Page PDF guide included.

Session 1 : Foundations

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Marketing and Selling 3D Content ($45)

Have you wondered what it is like to be a 3D content vendor at DAZ 3D?

Esha is one of the most experienced vendors at DAZ 3D. In this webinar recording you’ll learn what it is like to be a vendor, learn about applying and get a sense of the day to day life of working for yourself as a 3D content creator.

She covers:-

ESHA : The Complete Collection
1 payment
Over 50 hours of video content
Search the entire library at once
Every video with captions
Original value is over $1000
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