“As for most creatives, marketing my own items is difficult… one feels pushy and it is difficult to promote oneself.”

The sky is the limit for digital artists and 3D content creators. The sense of freedom is palpable in terms of limitless content and directions that you can choose to go in, for your creative projects.

When it comes to “the business side” of marketing your artwork, it feels much like the opposite. That freedom seems to evaporate, when you need to take a dose of pragmatism in watching, competing in and responding to the market when selling your art or content.

Here’s some other challenges that artists have spoken about when it comes to marketing their art/content:-

“My 3D art suffers from my preference to do the projects I really want to do, rather than what’s more marketable.”

“Making promos is something I sometimes have to push myself to do, because it is not fun to me.”

“What happens when your marketing is working and you start getting hate reviews? What do you do?”

Perhaps you’ve hit a wall or struggled with these points when it comes to marketing:-

We’ve come across these “pain points” repeatedly with artists we’ve talked to since 2010, so I’ve created this masterclass group to transform artists who are challenged with any of the points above.

Artists can find it hard to navigate the world of marketing

Who is this Masterclass For?

This mastermind group is specifically for :-

  1. Artists and content creators that are already selling but need fresh direction on promotion and publicising.
  2. If you’re at the point where you’re producing regular artistic content (art or 3D content) and are on the verge of going into a market to sell then this mastermind group is also for you.

At the heart of this 12 week course,  I have picked four experienced vendors and artists (see below) that will be each teaching about their respective market places (including DAZ 3D and Renderosity), providing high value tips and approaches to generating income with their craft.

Each vendor will have their own 1.5 hour session to reveal their skillsets and practices on marketing and selling. They’ll be time for Q&A in each of these sessions to make the most from their knowledge.

Proven Experience

Paul Bussey : Lead Trainer

I have been inspiring, promoting, educating and connecting digital artists since 2010. I’ve published over 125 issues of our magazines 3D Art Direct, Digital Art Live and VISNews, with in-depth interviews of fantastic artists that inspire others with their work.

I’ve hosted and organised over 220 live events to educate digital artists. Our webinars provide an interactive, informative and fun experience for our community.

From all these activities, you can see that the bulk of my activity is on marketing!

Recently we’ve created a dynamic, informative and connective forum for 3D digital artists called Digital Art Live STUDIO.

Vladimir Chopine : Owner of GeekAtPlay


The founder of Geekatplay and with a background in film production and computer sciences, 3D graphic has long provided a passionate pursuit for Vladimir, with a particular specialism in VUE. Serving 3D digital artists across the world, he has created over 2000 tutorials on VUE, The PlantFactory, Photoshop, Terragen, World Machine  and a whole range of digital art software.

Originally from Moscow, he lives with his wife Ami Chopin, who is a professional writer in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Sabine Hajostek : Esha at DAZ 3D


Esha lives in Austria and has been creating 3D products for nearly 17 years.
She has previously created content for Smith Micro and is now is one of the most experienced vendors at DAZ 3D.

When Daz released the Developer Tools for Daz Studio in 2008 she integrated them into her workflow and has been working with Daz Studio, alongside Poser, ever since. In recent years she has been focusing on DS for product development.

Esha’s favourite tools include Daz Studio, Poser, ZBrush, Wings3D, Xfrog, Marvelous Designer, UVLayout and Photoshop. In all of these she is a self-taught artist, basing her skills on years of experience and numerous online tutorials.
She fully understands the difficulties of moving from Poser to Daz Studio, having made that journey herself, and enjoys passing on her Studio know-how to new users.

In her spare time Esha loves listening to classical music, baking muffins and collecting cat photos.

Ken Kawashima

Ken is a long standing experienced vendor at Renderosity, who has also sold at Hivewire 3D.

He’s a programmer as well as a 3D artist, creating content for Poser and Daz Studio. More recently he’s delved into a lot of Python plugins for Poser 12. He also works with CC3 and iClone “which is a lot of fun”.

Tasos Anastasiades

Tasos Anastasiades is an Assistant Professor and the Vice Chair in the Department of Arts at the European University Cyprus.

In 2014, he published his first graphic novel titled ‘Fascista’. The graphic novel aimed to create awareness against all forms of Fascism in the hope that fascist ideas would seize to exist. During that year he also published together with Nearchos Konstantinou and Anna Fodiadou the first Cyprus Comic Book Anthology titled “Current” which featured comic book stories created by Cypriot artists.

In 2015, Tasos Anastasiades visual work was selected to be used in the official Promo Real of Poser Pro 11. Poser Pro 11 is a 3d software that is produced by Smith Micro, one of the biggest companies in the field of 3d design, animation and illustration.

Tasos Anastasiades also participated in numerous festivals and exhibitions, with his latest being the 8th United Designs Biennial Exhibition in 2016.

Currently he is working on volume 2 of the comic book series title “The Traveller” in collaboration with Neil Gibson, owner and publisher of T-Pub comics in London.

During the course what will you learn?

Week 1 : You, your Purpose and Strengths

Week 2 : Your Target Market

Week 3 : Your standout Brand and Products

Week 4 : Essential Market Place Studies – Esha on DAZ 3D

Week 5 : Essential Market Place Studies – Ken Kawashima on Renderosity

Week 6: Essential Market Place Studies – Vladimir on marketing from GeekAtPlay

Week 7: Essential Market Place Studies – Tasos Anastasiades on marketing graphic novels and experience on Kickstarter 

Week 8 : Increase your Visibility

Week 9 : Increase your Authority

Week 10 : Grow your income and impact

Week 11 : Get organised to grow

Week 12 : Launch!

Marketing is it’s own form of creativity, allowing you to exchange value

During the course what will you experience?

What other coaching group members are saying

Working with Paul and Digital Art Live has given me such a fresh approach upon my art. From a friendly and welcoming environment, to a supporting and cohesive set of tutors and support. Going on the Studio Mastery Course was the biggest leap of faith I have taken with regards to artistic endeavours, and I do not regret a single moment of it. Paul is a wonderful host and lead for the courses and demonstrates the ability to nurture people of all skill levels and help them blossom into the creative delights that they wish to be. I would pick up another course like this in a heartbeat to continue my journey and growth through the creative landscape of my mind.

Ian Franklin

My experience with Esha and your program for learning rigging is beyond phenomenal. I came in with the impression that this was going to be a quick tutorial on how to setup basic technical settings on how to do a basic rig in DAZ Studio. Boy was I wrong! In a good way! Every time we set up a session, I am blown away by how much detail and problem solving Esha’s sessions go into! I would not have imagined the advanced techniques and attention to detail she brings into each session! I’ve heard a few students call this information priceless, and I agree 100%.

The chat rooms are so full of information! Just reading people’s questions and people’s responses, it’s an invaluable time saver! When I read the questions and their solutions it reminds me, “I would have had to go thru those hiccups myself, and there’s the solution!”. The chat room creates a great sense that you’re not alone, and it gives you a freedom to test things out and get into “trouble”.  I am more than satisfied with this course. It has surpassed my expectations and more! I highly, highly recommend this type of session to anyone!

David Aguilera


Here’s How it Works

A Carefully Selected Coaching Group

I review applications before artists are given an offer to join the group so you can rest assured that this will be a dedicated and motivated set of people for you to grow with.

12 weeks of Support and Training

The group will run from January Sunday the 9th at 19:00 GMT (London) with a session on each subsequent Sunday.

Each week we’ll have a Zoom webinar meeting (up to 1.5 hours) composed of training , coaching and follow up.

The topics of these training sessions will be based on the above, but we’ll pay special attention to coaching you through your sticking points.

We’ll provide you with challenges each week and worksheets to help design and clarify your own marketing vision.

In our live meetings everyone will share wins, goals, and challenges to get support, accountability, and feedback from the group and guidance from us.

Private online group area to interact between Zoom calls

Any time you need some input or encouragement, you can turn to the private forum on a daily basis to connect with other group members.

We’ve found that the private group forum area is a powerful connecting tool to keep the conversation going between the weekly meetings.

This extends the benefits of the coaching group beyond the mastermind and workshop calls.

VIP Add-On

The VIP add on provides in depth coaching and provides some ongoing support as you set up your marketing and selling systems:-

  • All the benefits of standard membership, plus three personal coaching sessions with myself and one of our expert vendors in my network to meet your specific needs and help launch/enhance your business.
  • Unlimited Email Consulting Access to Me

Each of these three one on one sessions (up to 1 hour each) can go into further depth of the course topics or be on something more specific matching your needs.

By default these sessions would be:-

  • Private 1 on 1 coaching Session 1 : In depth session on increasing your visibility in your chosen marketplace.
  • Private 1 on 1 coaching Session 2 : In depth session on increasing your authority in your chosen marketplace.
  • Private 1 on 1 coaching Session 3 : In depth session on increasing your impact and income in your chosen marketplace.
Masterclass : How to Market your Art or 3D Content
8 live classes including guest vendors
Searchable and captioned meeting recordings
Private forum for daily learning & connection
PDF Worksheets to consolidate learning
$197 per month for 2 months
Masterclass : How to Market your Art or 3D Content (VIP)
All the benefits of standard membership
Private tailored tuition session: Increase your visibility, authority, income and impact
Additional "how to market your art" advice videos from Esha (DAZ 3D), Ken Kawashima (Renderosity) and Tasos (university of Cyprus)
$277 per month for 2 months