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Reach well over 1,000 readers per issue, all dedicated 3d art hobbyists and digital art lovers through advertising within Digital Art Live magazine.

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Digital Art Live Magazine Covers

 Over 68,600 reads and a total of 2,411,479 impressions (Nov 2016)

Read by dedicated 3d art hobbyists, content creators and digital art lovers

Read Issue 1 of Digital Art Live to sample Digital Art Live

Our growing subscription list has produced over 68,600 reads and a total of 2,411,479 impressions with our 3D Art Direct and Digital Art Live magazines.

Advertising with our art centred magazine is easy.  We have a dedicated upload area for your copy and image files.  Just upload your finished advert, pay by PayPal, and you’re in the next issue — on and in PDF to subscribers.

Our articles are usually long high-quality interviews, accompanied by outstanding art from the interviewee.  We specialise in science-fiction 3d art, and focus on practicalities of making such art at the hobbyist level, and we also sometimes include tutorials.  So you are reaching out to readers who are imaginative and eager to learn.

A monthly publication schedule helps you get your ads seen when you want them seen, perhaps co-inciding with your new product launches and special offers.

Our recent complete redesign has improved all aspects of the magazine, while leaving untouched our core value propositions — in-depth interviews and high impact digital art.

We also offer many other opportunities to get your message across.  For instance, in our free email newsletter, during our regular paid-for training webinars, or during our free podcast.  Contact us for details on how to have your ad campaign runs across all our products.

Digital Art Live Cover Issue 12
Issue 12

Advert sizes

Quarter page: 1530 pixels tall x 1200 pixels wide.

Half page:  2560 pixels wide x 1600 pixels tall.

Full page:   5120 pixels wide x 3592 pixels tall.

Double spread: 10,300 pixels wide x 3592 pixels tall.

Artwork should ideally be saved at 300 DPI please.

We can accept most types of files, but not Adobe Illustrator.

We welcome Microsoft Publisher files.

Audience Characteristics

Our core readership is older in age than might commonly be assumed, often between age 40 and 60, and usually in employment. They tend toward a predominance of males due to our ongoing main focus on science fiction art rather than fantasy. The audience is worldwide, and full-page advertisers may benefit from adding short footer translations of key points in Spanish and Japanese.

While the fortunes of particular software applications wax and wane, Digital Art Live covers a variety of applications, with a primary focus on Poser, Daz Studio, Vue, Terragen, ZBrush, Photoshop and with a growing interest in real-time 3d software and indie videogame developers.

A regular focus is on makers of third-party royalty-free content, which is made for sale to the hobbyist 3d market via stores such as the DAZ 3D store, HiveWire 3D and Renderosity — we expect to be read by all keen content makers in this market. Our occasional themed issues such as ‘H.P. Lovecraft & Cthulhu’, ‘videogame landscapes’ or ‘Terragen users’ serve to draw in fresh audiences who augment our regular readership.

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