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Poser Super Bundle

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Five tutorials containing content associated with Poser. Eight hours of tuition including presentations by Charles Taylor (Nerd3D).

Poser Clinic volume 1 : Common Problem Solved! By Charles Taylor (Nerd3D)

Poser Clinic volume 2 : Your challenges solved plus Superfly tips By Charles Taylor (Nerd3D)

Mastering the Morph Tool By Charles Taylor (Nerd3D)

Outstanding Results by Traditional Hand-Painted Texturing – with Photoshop/Photoshop Elements and Poser By Kim Schneider (Arki)

Poser and DAZ Studio : The Best of Character Artwork – Elements of outstanding character artwork discussed By Paul Bussey

1 x Poser Clinic 2 - Your challenges solved plus Superfly tips

This is a recorded workshop by Charles Taylor (Nerd 3D) who is widely known as one of the foremost experts on all the workings of Poser. The session went through several common challenges experienced by Poser users and Charles addressed these with his experience going step by step through the solutions. The techniques shown can be applied in Poser and Poser Pro The session includes:- - How to light outdoor scenes. - Some pointers on indoor lighting not relying on outdoor light sources. - Magnets and weight maps - Editing material nodes to get a photo-real render - Best use of (Superfly) rendering nodes in the material room - Weight mapping – specifically on DAZ Michael Gen 4 but also all gen 3 figures and Apollo - Superfly : some recommended settings to optimise quality but not too much render time. - Legacy skins in Superfly. In default they turn white. - EZSkin not compatible? - Morphing figures, painting on subdivided morphs and adaptable rigging.


1 x Poser Clinic - Common Problem Solved

This 1.5 hour webinar recording was a Poser workshop by Charles Taylor (Nerd 3D) who is the industry leader and expert on all things Poser, solving common problems for users. Poser Problems Solved - How to light outdoor scenes. - Best use of the Setup Room and the recommended workflow within it. - Overcoming struggles with Material nodes - Some basics on working with Mocap (Motion Capture) files in Poser - Review on the Morph Brush - The problem of Moire! - The strengths/weaknesses/best uses of the various characters that come with Poser 2014 - What content is "hot" from a vendor point of view?


1 x Mastering the Morph Tool

Need fast track instruction to learn all about using the Morph Tool? In this 1.5 hour webinar recording we cover:- - Poke-through problems - Corrective morphs - Sculpting new characters


1 x Outstanding Results by Traditional Hand-Painted Texturing

Are your a content creator who wants to take their texturing to the next level, have greater control over texturing with hand-crafted methods and who wish to have their textures stand out from the crowd? These are two recorded webinar sessions presented by Kim Schneider in association with her amazing "Ocean Queen" Dragon with vivid texturing. Software required to make the most of these sessions:- * Photoshop Elements (or Photoshop) * Poser This is two sessions of webinar recordings with up to 3 hours of instruction. Content will include amongst other topics:- * What was there first - shape or texture, texture or shape? * Hunting for references and analysing them * Laying out the Parts and Nailing the Method * Map by Map the Beast grows * Fine tuning the maps * From Displacement to Bump * Finally: Colour! * Setting up the shaders and last adjustments/checks to the maps


1 x Poser and DAZ Studio : The Best of Character Artwork

This 1.5 hour recording looks at the very best examples of character artwork published in our magazine since 2010. We go through these points:- - What makes good character art - What makes a good pose - How expressions can make or break a scene. - Good composition for characters - Placement of the virtual camera - Dramatic lighting for a scene - Telling a story in a scene - Some good lighting techniques for characters We'll include examples of artwork generated by both Poser and DAZ Studio.


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