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Terragen Super Bundle : Training Videos and PDF Magazines


Application : Terragen 2/3

Presenters: Martin Husiman (Tangled Universe), Frank Basinski, Danny Gordon and Ron Miller.

Duration : Over 8.5 hours of content through five sessions.

Level: Intermediate to advanced. The content is crucially aimed at those wanting to better understand the node network in T2.

Includes: Webinar recordings + Presenter Materials + Special Issues of 3D Art Direct Magazine : Interviews with your favourite T2 artists.

The TOSCARS : Awards for best Terragen 2 artists

Scene Building : Parts 1 and 2 by Martin Huisman

Clouds Tutorial : Frank Basinski

Commerical use of Terragen : By illustrator and author Ron Miller

Product Description

Bundle includes

  • 8.5 hours of Terragen 2/3 video content
  • New Bonus Video : Terragen 3 new features presented by Oshyan Green
  • Two Terragen special PDF magazines from 3D Art Direct

Terragen videos recorded from the TERRALIVE virtual conference for Terragen users

Session 1 : “The TOSCARS”

The TOSCARS was a Terragen OSCARS style event hosted by Danny Gordon. It honored members of the Terragen community, with various nominations and winners in a number of categories.

Some of the winning artists appeared as guest hosts in this webinar and spoke about their notable creations and answered questions from the attendees.

Level : This webinar was suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced users of Terragen 2.

To name but some of the categories that were  bestowed:-

-Best water scene.
-Best atmopherics scene.
-Most supportive community member.
-Best animation

Session 2: “SCENE BUILDING#1″

Martin Huisman  covered user interface aspects on the node network in this session, and he covered step by step scene building. During this session a scene was built from scratch using a World-Machine 2 based heightfield.

Level: The level was aimed at  intermediate to advanced users.

It demonstrated how to understand the rules which apply to the node network and how to make the best use of them, as well as how to  avoid common mistakes!

1 – Node network workflow and hierarchy, how is the network structured? how to interpret what needs to be done where?
2 – Importing heightfields/clipfiles into your scene.
3 – Detailing terrain using redirect shader, strata & outcrops and a voronoi based function network
4 – Restricting these displacements by altitude/slope.
5 – Shading the landscape.
6 – Adding fake stones.
7 – Adding water.


Atmospherics master Frank Basinski  presented a comprehensive clouds tutorial.

Level : Recommended for intermediate to advanced users.

1 – How to go from the default skies and clouds to some realistic looking cumulus clouds
2 – How to make a monster cumulonimbus clouds and make it look real! (The last part is the hard part, but I will tell you all the tricks)
3 – if time permits: The secret sauce for amazing sunsets!

Session 4: “SCENE BUILDING #2″

Martin Huisman continued his tuition on the user interface aspects on the node network in this session.

This session included:-

1 – Importing trees/grasses into your scene.
2 – Object/population placement into your scene.
3 – Masking populations.
4 – Managing population sizes.
5 – Tweaking populations’ appearance, add natural variation through various methods.
6 – Tweaking objects’ shaders.
7 – Background on rendering of objects/populations.
8 – Render recommendations for final project.

Level: The level was aimed at intermediate to advanced users.


Ron Miller, professional illustrator and author presented the best of his Terragen artwork from his portfolio through an interview style session with the 3D Art Direct magazine editor Paul Bussey.

The presentation included how Ron uses Terragen on a commercial basis to rapidly create scenes specified by his clients.

This session included the creation of height maps using Photoshop and importing them into Terragen.

Level: This session was for beginner, intermediate and advanced users.

TERRALIVE webinar conference
Original TERRALIVE Webinar Conference Recordings


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