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How to Create Exceptional Promotional Artwork

by Vladimir Chopine

In today’s visual-centric world, the power of design is undeniable – particularly when trying to gain attention in crowded marketplace.

Yet, so many aspiring artists and professionals grapple with creating designs that truly resonate, make an impact, or stand the test of time. You’ve likely faced the frustration of your artwork getting lost in the noise, or felt the sting of a design that doesn’t evoke the desired reaction.

Perhaps you’ve looked at iconic designs and wondered, “What’s their secret?”.

It’s a challenging journey, from conceptualizing an idea to translating it into tangible design, especially in a market saturated with content. But imagine if you had the chance to delve deep into the world of design, guided by an industry expert, understanding those very principles that can transform your work from ordinary to stand-out. This course by Vladimir Chopine is your gateway to bridging those gaps, addressing your pain points, and raising your design skills.

In this course, you will not only learn the principles of effective poster and book cover design but also master advanced techniques that distinguish you from the average designer. Our focus will be on practical, real-world projects, adopting a hands-on approach throughout.

Additionally, you will learn how to acquire clients and collaborate with them effectively. By the end of the course, you will be proficient in creating commercial cover illustrations, and understanding and applying design principles to your projects.

This course looks at cover designs destined for all types of print and digital media, including social media.

About the Instructor: Vladimir Chopine

Vladimir Chopine holds a Master’s degree (or its equivalent) in Marketing and has led a team of technologists at DSW ad agency, contributing to branding projects for renowned brands such as Intel, Iomega, Carrier, and Kodak, among others. He is an acclaimed digital artist and photographer, with numerous awards to his name. In addition to owning and creating content for the training site Geekatplay Studio, he teaches on various platforms, including Udemy and Skillshare. His portfolio also includes a range of promotional and cover materials for movies, series, and publications.

See a small selection of his commercial artwork HERE

What will I learn?

The course focuses on digital design principles and how to use 3d applications (DAZ Studio), Photoshop (or GIMP) and photos to create stunning cover designs for all types of print and digital media, including social media.

With these key learning points, students will be well-prepared to elevate their design game, gaining both technical and business knowledge needed to succeed in the competitive world of design.

Join us and embark on a transformative journey into the world of commercial promotional designs!


Duration : 8 weeks

Start Date : Saturday 18th of November at 19:00 GMT (London) and for each following Saturday at the same time (with a break for Christmas holidays)

Topics you’ll be learning across the 8 week period:-

Unlocking the Secrets of Iconic Designs
– Introduction to Vladimir Chopine’s transformative journey in design.
– Deep analysis of iconic designs like the “Jaws” movie poster and “Jurassic Park” book cover.
– Discover the foundational principles of layout and color, adapting them for various media types.

Top-Level Design Principles
– Dive deep into the essence of 7 core design principles, illustrated with real-world examples.
– Grasp the nuances of design adaptation for different platforms, from digital thumbnails to large billboards.
– Engaging activity: Deconstruct iconic designs, understanding their alignment with design principles.

Learning from Design Missteps
– Critically analyze famous but flawed designs, uncovering the reasons behind their missteps.
– Discuss the intricate factors that can cause commendable designs to be overlooked.

Diving Deeper into Design Principles
– Comprehensive exploration of principles like Hierarchy, Balance, and Contrast.
– Engaging, interactive sessions for each principle: from rearranging design components for hierarchy to crafting balance layouts.

Crafting Book Covers/Movie Poster/Web Commercial Promos with DAZ Studio/Photoshop/Photographic Elements
– Lay the foundation with the importance of clean, uncluttered design and focused elements.
– Dive into genre-specific design elements, ensuring target audience resonance.
– Explore composition, lighting, camera work, and rendering tailored for impactful covers and posters.

Contrasting Poster, Book Cover Design and Web Commercial Signing
– Delve into the unique goals, visual components, and audience engagement strategies for different commercial covers.
– Understand the intricacies of typography, lifespan, and placement differences between the two.

Compositing with Photoshop for Posters & Covers
– Start with the basics of compositing, understanding layers, masks, and blending modes.
– Progress to advanced techniques like color matching, shadow integration, and text effects for seamless designs.
– Quality control checkpoints to ensure your designs are flawless.

Utilizing Digital Photography and Stock Photos for Design
– Learn techniques for capturing high-resolution images tailored for design.
– Ethical considerations in using stock photos, and tips to enhance and integrate them seamlessly into your designs.

Font & Text Design Principles for Posters and Covers
– Delve into the world of typography, understanding the mood, genre, and emotion conveyed by fonts.
– Practical sessions on font selection, layout, color, and special effects to make text stand out.

Refining Your Artwork: Post-Processing and Enhancement Techniques
– Master advanced Photoshop tools, from layer effects to color dynamics.
– Dive deep into design refinement, ensuring every element aligns with the overall theme.

Marketing and Selling Your Designs: From Creation to Commerce
– Introduction to the business dynamics of the design world.
– Gain insights from Vladimir’s real-world experiences with clients, negotiations, and memorable commercial designs.
– Strategies for promoting your work, leveraging sales platforms, and building long-term client relationships.

Course Requirements

During the course what will you experience?

What other coaching group members are saying

Working with Paul and Digital Art Live has given me such a fresh approach upon my art. From a friendly and welcoming environment, to a supporting and cohesive set of tutors and support. Going on the Studio Mastery Course was the biggest leap of faith I have taken with regards to artistic endeavours, and I do not regret a single moment of it. Paul is a wonderful host and lead for the courses and demonstrates the ability to nurture people of all skill levels and help them blossom into the creative delights that they wish to be. I would pick up another course like this in a heartbeat to continue my journey and growth through the creative landscape of my mind.

Ian Franklin

My experience with Esha and your program for learning rigging is beyond phenomenal. I came in with the impression that this was going to be a quick tutorial on how to setup basic technical settings on how to do a basic rig in DAZ Studio. Boy was I wrong! In a good way! Every time we set up a session, I am blown away by how much detail and problem solving Esha’s sessions go into! I would not have imagined the advanced techniques and attention to detail she brings into each session! I’ve heard a few students call this information priceless, and I agree 100%.

The chat rooms are so full of information! Just reading people’s questions and people’s responses, it’s an invaluable time saver! When I read the questions and their solutions it reminds me, “I would have had to go thru those hiccups myself, and there’s the solution!”. The chat room creates a great sense that you’re not alone, and it gives you a freedom to test things out and get into “trouble”.  I am more than satisfied with this course. It has surpassed my expectations and more! I highly, highly recommend this type of session to anyone!

David Aguilera



VIP Add-On

If you would like additional resources, there’s a VIP add-on option that gives you the following in addition to everything above:-

Mastering Commercial Design (Basic)
$137 /month
8 weeks of 1.5 hour+ live coaching/lessons led by Vladimir
NON searchable HD recordings of live meetings
Excludes private forum
2 x monthly payments of $137
Mastering Commercial Design
$187 /month
8 weeks of 1.5 hour+ live coaching/lessons led by Vladimir
Searchable HD recordings of live meetings
Private forum to learn together as a group
Weekly assignments to practice design principles
2 x monthly payments of $187
Mastering Commercial Design (VIP)
$277 /month
All the benefits of standard course membership
2 x additional training weeks: Advanced strategies, practical advice, and real-world case studies from Vladimir’s high-profile work
Giant searchable 30 hour video training library on Advanced digital compositing in Photoshop
Early entry to the private forum and a VIP pre-course meeting to shape the curriculum
Digital asset pack
2 payments of $277